Friday, February 1, 2013

Learning to Surf at Waikiki 1/31/2013

Learning to Surf at Waikiki 1/31/2013 ( You Tube)

I was out in the Waikiki waves with my camera yesterday. The waves were really small and the tide was really low. However, there were a bunch of people learning to surf and having a really good time doing it. I had fun watching the smiles and excitement on all the faces.  If you have the desire to learn just go to Waikiki beach. Everything you need is right there on the beach. The sun does get very strong so don't forget to butter up with some really good sunscreen and it doesn't hurt to wear a hat. The water is really shallow and you can stand up in most places when the tide is low. People of all ages get out there and learn so you really wont be out of place in the break. There are multiple surf lesson businesses operating right in front of the waves  so just go down there and walk over to the boards. You will love it!

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