Friday, July 26, 2013

Island Chasers Private Tours

Island Chaser's offers private tours 

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Island Chaser's offers private tours for small groups on the island of Oahu. We are a small family-run tour company.  Island Chasers is known for excellence in customer service.  I will help you create a plan for an original tour unique for you and your family or group.  Let's get together and enjoy the charm of Oahu!

Charm of Island Chasers
Using Island Chasers makes your experience visiting Oahu a memorable one. The entire experience is customized especially for you and your family or private group. Customized private tours are just that. We focus only on your group. You will not tour all of Waikiki hotel by hotel picking up 2 or 3 guests up until a 50 passenger bus is full.  You visit all attractions that you want to see, you visit all the sites that you want to see on your schedule, on your time line. This kind or tour experience allows you to enjoy and experience all the charm that Hawaii offers.

Choosing Island Chasers provides the ultimate experience. Bus tours serve a purpose. However, we understand that you want this once in a lifetime experience to remembered …. well forever. Please leave everything to Nick your private tour host.  He will be full aware of the experience that you are looking for. You may also change your schedule as you want.  You have no stress from driving in unknown areas.  All the anxiety simply floats away because Nick does all the thinking. You finally have the opportunity to experience the local feeling, see sights that are not so well publicized and enjoy nature that is unparalleled to anything you have seen before.

Nik Chase  private tour guide

Niks family settled in Idaho in 1885. As a child growing up with nature he explored the hills and countryside on horseback. Often he would serve as a hunting or fishing guide. His connection with outdoors and nature as well as beautiful weather brought him full time residence in Hawaii. Nicks hobbies include golf, surfing and taking care of his children. His wife is first generation Japanese. 

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