Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hinone Mizunone - Tonkatsu &

I had lunch at Hinone Nizunone yesterday, it is really good Japanese food and the price is good

 The restauant is on the corner of King and sheradon, 1345 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA. Very good authentic Japanese food with a dining room and they sometimes have bentos available too. The bentos are kind of hit and miss because they sell quickly, they are very good. There is a small parking lot at the establishment. Service is very good and they do have daily specials. No waiting around at this place and the very delicious hojicha (roasted green tea) is served on request.

Tonkatsu with Oroshi-Ponzu

I had the tonkatsu yesterday and it was very good as usual. The Tonkatsu is crispy and the pork is very tender and juicy. The Orishi Ponsu had a grated daikon on the tonkatsu and it is served with a Ponzu dipping sauce. In true Japanese style the teishoku set has lots of okazu and miso soup. Very good rice and always a pitcher of water on the table. 

Chicken Amakara Age

Akiko had the Chicken Amakara Age with a sweet ginger sauce. There are fried vegetables topping the chicken and the presentation is very pleasing. It was also very good but a little too sweet for me. If you like the sweet ginger sauce it will likely be very good for you because Akiko really enjoyed it. 

Lunch at Hinone Mizunone is always very good!

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