Sunday, January 27, 2013

Waikiki Kite Surfing 1/27/2013

Waikiki Kite Surfing 1/27/2013 (You Tube)

We had some kite surfing today at Waikiki beach which is rather unusual. I am used to seeing the kite surfers at Kailua beach very often but I dont see them at Waikiki very often. It was very windy today (Kona winds)  and we were under a flash flood watch because of some strange weather. The pigeons were flying around all crazy with the kites. The kite surfing boards look a lot like wake boards but some of them are a bit larger and resemble surf boards a bit more. They are generally only 4 or 5 feet long though and very thin and light weight. I have seen these prople get really big air on windy days in Kailua. The rider is wearing a belt and strapped to the kite, their feet are also strapped to the board. A couple of them were getting some air today on the turns and I am sure they were having fun out in the break were I couldn't see them.


  1. Not that I know of, I didn't hang around very long and they were zipping around very quickly out in the water so I really couldn't tell. Aloha no!


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