Friday, January 4, 2013

Waikiki Sunset Stroll 1/4/2013

Waikiki Sunset Stroll 1/4/2013 (youtube)

 On my walk today there was a nice sunset along Waikiki beach. It has been raining a lot all week  but luckily It cleared up enough this afternoon. Definitely winter time in the islands.  
While I was walking along the beach the Mynah birds were voicing their place in the banyan and trying to get a nice warm spot for the evening. The ocean is quite calm today but there is a lot of wind. The forecast is for more wind tomorrow.

As I got further down the beach I found a Hawaiian Monk Seal sleeping on the shore. The beach was taped off  to give the seal enough space for a good rest. It is very common for the seals to rest at Waikiki and there is a group of volunteers that do a great job of giving the seals their space.  When you see the seals on the beach please give them enough comfort space to rest. 

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