Friday, January 4, 2013

Ezogiku Ramen Waikiki

Ezogiku Ramen Waikiki, 2146 Kalakaua Avenue

 Akiko and I had Dinner at Ezogiku last night and it was quite good. Ezogiku is on Kalakaua avenue close to Lewers on the mauka side of the road. You can get FREE GYOZA with this coupon until 1/6/13! 

The service is really good and it is a typical ramen shop as far as the decor is concerned. I had a crispy noodle with seafood dish and Akiko had a vegtable salt ramen. 

Both dishes were great and we left content. We had been shopping earlier and forgot out shopping bag in he restaurant...oops. When we got home we called and the folks at Ezogiku had already put the shopping bag on the side in anticipation of our return. GREAT PEOPLE! Ezogiku Ramen is very popular for lunch and Akiko eats there a lot with her friends. I definitely recommend Ezogiku for a hot bowl of ramen, or in my case a plate of crispy noodles with seafood. 

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